White Pine Flooring

Old growth timbers come from structures such as barns, homes and factories that have stood for well over a hundred years. These buildings have become no longer usable in their present condition and instead of demolishing them to take to a landfill, we carefully disassemble them and remill the lumber into usable building products such as flooring, wall paneling etc. By using reclaimed wood that was harvested over a hundred years ago, we are lessening the damage to valuable ecosystems and reducing the destructive over harvesting of the new wood plantations and forests. 

Resawn White Pine

Resawn white pine flooring is sawn out of beams to reveal its creamy white to orange- brown coloring and subtle grain patterns. This softwood is the most common choice of flooring for use in historic restoration projects. It has a Janka Hardness Scale rating of 380.

Colonial White Pine

We use distressed and weathered boards for our colonial flooring. We lightly plane the boards to reveal their distinct character and patina, giving them a slightly more rustic appearance than resawn white pine.

Original Surface White Pine Attic Floor

Original attic floor boards with original hand scraped or pit sawn patina are carefully removed from the house one board at a time. We take these boards and plane the back side and put a new tongue and groove, leaving all of the original wear marks and water stains acquired from hundreds of years in the attic

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