Roofing Materials

Before we dismantle any building, we have to start at the top.  We inspect the roof to see what materials are reusable. Once each piece is removed by hand, we can then start on dismantling the rest of the building.  

Peach Bottom Slate

Peach Bottom slate was once known as the finest building slate in the world. It was well known for its hardness and long life expectancy of 150 to 200 years. It was used for the roof of the famous Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC. as well as many government buildings. It is still highly sought after for many restoration projects today.


Our antique tin comes from deconstructed barns where it was used to cover roofing or siding that was deteriorating or needed replaced. It can have a light to heavy weatherment or “rusting” and can be corrugated or 5v-grooved. Reclaimed tin is a popular product for using in commercial renovations such as restaurants and bars but it can give that farm-like feeling to any project.

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