Hickory Flooring

Old growth timbers come from structures such as barns, homes and factories that have stood for well over a hundred years. These buildings have become no longer usable in their present condition and instead of demolishing them to take to a landfill, we carefully disassemble them and remill the lumber into usable building products such as flooring, wall paneling etc. By using reclaimed wood that was harvested over a hundred years ago, we are lessening the damage to valuable ecosystems and reducing the destructive over harvesting of the new wood plantations and forests. 

Resawn Hickory

Hickory is the most durable domestic hardwood in reclaimed flooring, most characterized by its extreme hardness and density. Its beautiful creamy tans with swirls of browns, mixed with irregular grain patterns make this a beautiful floor for any home. It has a Janka Hardness Scale rating of 1820.

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